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How It All Started

Nxt Gen Plumbing was established in April 2022 by Joshua Kuzmina, a tradesman hailing from a family of plumbers and other skilled professionals. Joshua began his career at Brothers Plumbing, Heating & Electric, starting as an apprentice performing essential tasks like digging trenches and carrying materials. During his time there, he worked alongside Justin, Lynn, and Michelle, the children of the company's founder, Marvin. Over six years, Joshua progressed through the ranks, earning his Colorado Residential Plumber, Journeyman, and Master Plumbing Licenses, achieving the latter in just six years—a process that typically takes eight years.


Eager to expand his plumbing knowledge, Joshua left Brothers and joined Mtech Mechanical, where he served as a plumbing foreman on special projects. Some of his standout projects included The Stanley Hotel, D6 School Projects, and ASSE 6010 Installer Med Gas Systems in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. Driven by his passion and desire for fulfillment, Joshua eventually decided to build his own business from the ground up. Now, he continues building his business with determination, outstanding customer service, personalized plumbing options and advice, and the foundational beliefs from Brothers Plumbing.


Joshua extends special thanks to his father Joseph, wife Inna, his family, and mentors Scott, Joe, and Mike, and, of course, Justin, Lynn, and Michelle for their unwavering support.


What Sets Us Apart

At Nxt Gen Plumbing, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that cater specifically to each customer's unique needs. As a one-man operation, you receive personalized attention and customized services, ensuring a level of care and detail that larger companies often cannot provide. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our choice of materials and products, as we exclusively use USA-made plumbing materials. This commitment not only guarantees the highest standards of quality but also supports local businesses and the economy.

One of our standout offerings is the provision of Grade A water heaters, which are known for their efficiency, durability, and superior performance. By choosing top-quality products, we ensure that our customers receive reliable and long-lasting solutions for their plumbing needs. To make our premium services more accessible, we offer flexible financing options through Wisetack, allowing customers to manage their payments conveniently and without financial strain.

Understanding the importance of peace of mind, we back all our services with a 2-year warranty. This assurance reflects our confidence in the quality of our work and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our personable approach sets us apart, as we prioritize building genuine relationships with our clients. By being approachable and respectful, we create a comfortable and trusting environment for our customers.

Respect for your home is a cornerstone of our service philosophy. We treat every home with the utmost care, ensuring cleanliness and minimizing disruption during service. This respect extends to our work ethic, where we strive for precision and attention to detail in every job we undertake. As a local small business, we are deeply invested in our community, and our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness is paramount.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Nxt Gen Plumbing. We believe in doing the job right the first time, with a focus on high-quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail. This dedication to excellence ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also durable, providing long-term benefits to our customers.

In summary, Nxt Gen Plumbing offers a unique blend of personalized service, high-quality materials, and expert craftsmanship. Our use of USA-made plumbing materials and Grade A water heaters, combined with flexible financing options and a 2-year warranty, sets us apart from the competition. Our personable and respectful approach ensures that each customer feels valued and their home is treated with the highest level of care. As a local small business, we are committed to our community and take pride in offering reliable and trustworthy services. With Nxt Gen Plumbing, you can expect the highest standards of quality, trust, and personalized care, ensuring your plumbing needs are met with excellence and integrity.

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